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Happy CHRISMAS and Its Our Gift.

Thursday, 09 November 2017 15:02

Southernwood Billboard

BONA e-WALL - Reference: EL/CBD/BeB-001

Prime advertising spot is suitable for ‘cool’ brands keen on the younger market. Adjacent to Southernwood area - the ‘Braamfontein’ of East London - this site is always buzzing with university students. The site is also well positioned in the busiest street in East London and the Eastern Cape – Oxford Street.

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It doesn’t get more prime than this spot, with visibility ranging from 80m – 120m, at a marvelous size of 6m x 6m, your clients brand will have a significant presence.Strategically, in a highly concentrated CBD with high economic activity, this site can reach an average of 73,000 pedestrians and over 13,000 vehicles per day.Only reserved for advertising clients for a minimum duration of 6 months, this site is not only well-priced but irresistibly cost-effective.

Note: This Bona e-Billboard™ is positioned on a building that operates two alcohol outlets – an alcohol brand would be brilliantly placed on this site.


Introducing the Bona e-Billboard™ - all our products with the Bona e trademark come with a Free ad-sponsored Wi-Fi Hotspot with great connectivity experience with 4MBps speeds that connects 500 people/devices simultaneously. The Wi-Fi Hotspot is engaging and enables us to drive your brands onto connect mobile devices with rich full screen adverts that last for a minimum of 5 seconds. We do not charge our clients for this value-add service – but we do give you a report on the performance.



This Bona e-Billboard™ site is one of Bona Phandle Media’s prized sites for outdoor advertising:

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•    Positioned in the East London CBD
•    6m x 6m Wall Wrap advert
•    Over 5,000 minibuses and 8000 light vehicles per day drive past
•    Over 73,000 pedestrians mostly students per day walk past

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Southernwood Billboard

•    Positioned at the busiest street in East London – Oxford Street
•    At the centre of the East London CBD with thousands daily local residents in the catchment area
•    GPS: 33°00'14.2"S 27°53'59.0"E

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Bona Phandle Media always ensures that it not only places significance on the value of the positioning of the advertising spots that we have, but we also ensure that we retain a high-quality product so as to also ensure that our clients’ clients are pleased with the positioned of their brands.

•    Size:  6m x 6m (36 SQM) Wall Wrap
•    Primary Material:  Aluminum Frame with Bona Phandle Media Logo for brand promise and usage of 5m contravision for quality printing
•    Positioning from the Ground:  6 metres from the ground giving it great visibility and trajectory
•    Minimum Lead-Time for Municipal Approval, Designing, Printing and Flighting: 30 days
•    The total bits in a proposed advertisement may not exceed 15:

#Elements of the AdvertisementBits per element
1 Words up to 4 letters 0.5
2   5 to 8 letters 1.0
3   more than 8 letters 2.0
4 Numbers up to 4 digits 0.5
5   5 to 8 digits 1.0
6   more than 8 digits 2.0
7 Logos, symbo;s and graphics smaller than 9 sq metres 0.5
    between 9 and 18 sq metres 1.0
    between 18 and 27 sq metres 1.5
    larger than 27 sq metres 2.0


6 Months

R28, 500/pm

  • 5 Email Account
  • 5 Bonus Points Every Month
  • 2 Months Support
  • 10 Subdomains
  • 1 Hosting



  • 5 Email Account
  • 5 Bonus Points Every Month
  • 2 Months Support
  • 10 Subdomains
  • 1 Hosting
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Advertising on TV, radio and newspapers is expensive and reserved for the high budget advertisers, digital advertising is the solution for all. Reaching your customers is increasingly more and more

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As a solution-based company with a strong social-transformation and community development agenda, we pride ourselves in developing cost-effective Corporate Social Investment initiatives

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Bona 4 Free Software

Our patented Bona4Free software is one of South Africa’s answers to the #DataMustFall issue. Our software enables for Free ad-sponsored Wi-Fi that offers connected users to 50MB of free data on our network in return they only have to see at least 4 adverts for at least 5seconds – Great Right? Want the Bona4Free software?

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